Adult Skis and Snowboards

Billie's in Omeo hire top quality snow skis, snowboards and boots to suit adults of all skill levels. When you arrive, our experienced staff will make sure that all the gear you selected fits perfectly.

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The following discounts apply to all these products.
20% OFF order totals exceeding $250.00
Snow Skis, Poles and Boots Hire for Adults
This adult ski hire package includes Carve Skis, Poles and Boots. Upon arrival, you will need to try on the ski boots and our staff will ensure they are the correct size.
Snow Skis and Poles Hire for Adults (no boots)
This ski hire package for adults includes Snow Skis and Poles, but not Ski Boots. Select from the options listed so we can reserve the appropriate gear for you in advance.
Snowboard and Boots Hire for Adults
This hire package for adults includes a Snowboard together with Boots. Select either a Natural or Goofy style board.
Snowboard Hire for Adults (no boots)
For those who have their own boots, you can hire just a Snowboard alone from Billie's in Omeo.