Ordering Information

Ordering all your ski gear online in advance from Billie's Omeo Ski Hire is very simple and gives us time to have everything ready to go the moment your arrive. Here we explain the ordering process, offline payment options and terms of hire.

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How to Order
The easiest way to arrange all your snow ski hire gear in advance is to use our online booking system, which will send your order in to us by email.
Terms and Conditions of Hire
When hiring snow ski gear from Billie's Omeo Ski Hire it is important that all customers read, be aware of and agree to these Terms and Conditions.
Billie's Omeo Ski Hire Customer Reviews
Please do accept our invitation to submit your own personal review about your shopping experience with Billie's Omeo Ski Hire. Contact us by telephone or email anytime.
Self Storage Units for Hire in Omeo
These self-storage units located in the Omeo township are modern, clean and secure. There are 8 units and 3 different sizes to choose from.