Warm Waterproof Ski Clothing

Staying warm on the snow fields is critically important. Billie's have an extensive range of ski jackets, pants, goggles, gloves and walking boots to fit both adults and children.

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Ski Goggles Hire
Ski Goggles are essential to improve vision while skiing. They provide protection from both freezing wind and ultra violet light. Hire goggles from Billie's in Omeo for men,...
Ski Jacket and Pants Hire for Adults
Our adult size Ski Jackets and Pants are waterproof and breathable and will keep you warm and dry on the snow fields at Dinner Plain or Mount Hotham.
Ski Jacket OR Pants Hire for Adults
If you just need a Ski Jacket or Waterproof Pants for your snow trip, then Billie's in Omeo have a complete range of sizes to choose from.
One Piece Ski Suit Hire for Kids
Our one piece ski suits for kids are extremely comfortable and will keep your children snug as a bug on the snow fields. Waterproof and breathable, these ski suits are available...
Ski Jacket and Pants Hire for Kids
Ski Jackets and Waterproof Pants for the kids are available to hire from size 4 through to size 14. They can try on the jacket and pants upon arrival in Omeo to make sure they a...
Ski Jacket OR Pants Hire for Kids
Do your kids only need a Ski Jacket or a pair of Waterproof Pants for their big trip to the snow? Can Billie's in Omeo assist? Of course!
Snow Boots Hire for Adults
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Snow boots will keep your feet warm and dry while walking around in freezing cold alpine conditions. They have rubber soles for firm grip, leather upper and comfort liner.
Snow Boots Hire for Kids
Billie's have snow boots available to hire for kids to keep their feet warm and dry in cold alpine conditions. There are sizes to fit toddlers 9 years and under and older ch...