All the ski gear you need to have a WoW of a time on the Dinner Plain and Mt Hotham snow fields

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Omeo Ski Hire Customer Reviews
Please do accept our invitation to submit your own personal review about your shopping experience with Omeo Ski Hire. Contact us by telephone or email anytime.
How to Order
The easiest way to arrange all your snow ski hire gear in advance is to use our online booking system, which will send your order in to us by email.
Terms and Conditions of Hire
When hiring snow ski gear from Omeo Ski Hire it is important that all customers read, be aware of and agree to these Terms and Conditions.
Snow Chains, Tyre Sizes and How to Fit
It is compulsory for all vehicles travelling into snow conditions on Mt Hotham to carry a set of snow chains. But what size do you need and how do you fit snow chains properly?
Konig Snow Chains Hire
Omeo Ski Hire offer Konig diamond magic self tensioning snow chains for hire since they are easy to fit and remove. It is a great idea to book and reserve your set of chains in advance so that we c...
Special Family Rental Deals for Snow Skis and Snowboards
Omeo Ski Hire offer families special discount rental deals on snow skis and snowboards for 3, 5 and 7 day periods. Book now and save plenty on your Mount Hotham or Dinner Plain ski trip !
Adult Snow Skis, Poles, Boots and Helmet Hire
This adult ski hire package includes Skis, Poles, Boots and Helmet. Upon arrival, you will need to try on the ski boots and our staff will ensure they are the correct size.
Adult Snowboard, Boots and Helmet Hire
This hire package for adults includes a Snowboard together with Boots and Helmet. Select either a Natural or Goofy style board.
Boots only hire for Adult Skis or Snowboard
If you only require Boots for your snow skis or snowboard, then Omeo Ski Hire can certainly assist. When you arrive in Omeo, you will need to try on the boots to ensure they are a comfortable fit. ...
Kids Snow Skis, Poles, Boots and Helmet Hire
Kids will just love a trip to the snow and Omeo Ski Hire have all the hire skis, poles and boots that they will need.
Kids Snowboard, Boots and Helmet Hire
This hire package for kids includes a Snowboard and Boots together with a protective safety helmet included free.
Small Toboggan Hire
For young kids 9 years and under, these small Toboggans will be just the right size for a fun day sliding down the slopes of Dinner Plain or Mount Hotham.
Large Toboggan Hire
These large sized Toboggans will suit kids 9 years and over, and their “big kid” parents as well. Dinner Plain and Mount Hotham both have toboggan runs where your family can have a grea...
Ski Jacket and Pants Hire for Adults
Our adult size Ski Jackets and Pants are waterproof and breathable and will keep you warm and dry on the snow fields at Dinner Plain or Mount Hotham.
Ski Jacket OR Pants Hire for Adults
If you just need a Ski Jacket or Waterproof Pants for your snow trip, then Omeo Ski Hire have a complete range of sizes to choose from.
Snow Walking Boots Hire for Adults
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Snow boots will keep your feet warm and dry while walking around in freezing cold alpine conditions. They have rubber soles for firm grip, leather upper and comfort liner.
Ski Jacket and Pants Hire for Kids
Ski Jackets and Waterproof Pants for the kids are available to hire from size 4 through to size 14. They can try on the jacket and pants upon arrival in Omeo to make sure they are a comfortable fit...
Ski Jacket OR Pants Hire for Kids
Do your kids only need a Ski Jacket or a pair of Waterproof Pants for their big trip to the snow? Can Omeo Ski Hire assist? Of course!
One Piece Ski Suit Hire for Kids
Our one piece ski suits for kids are extremely comfortable and will keep your children snug as a bug on the snow fields. Waterproof and breathable, these ski suits are available in a range of sizes...
Snow Walking Boots Hire for Kids
Omeo Ski Hire have snow boots available to hire for kids to keep their feet warm and dry when walking in cold alpine conditions. There are sizes to fit toddlers 9 years and under and older children...
Ski Goggles Hire
Ski Goggles are essential to improve vision while skiing. They provide protection from both freezing wind and ultra violet light. Hire goggles in Omeo for men, women and kids.
Wrist Guards Hire for Snow Skiers and Snowboarders
We all take a tumble in the snow fields occassionally. Wrist guards provide extra support that will certainly help prevent you from breaking or spraining your wrists.
Protective Safety Helmet Hire for Snow Skiers and Snowboarders
A protective helmet is an essential piece of safety gear for snow skiers and snowboarders. Provided free with all snow gear rentals from Omeo Ski Hire, you can also rent a helmet alone, if that is ...
Omeo apartment for a couple, sleeps 2
This comfortable apartment with queen size bed and kitchen facilities is ideal for a couple. You will not beat our special prices for accommodation in the Omeo, Dinner Plain, Mount Hotham alpine re...
Omeo 2 bedroom apartment, sleeps 6
Perfect for a group of up to 6 people, this two bedroom apartment has 2 queen size beds and 2 single beds. There is a bathroom, fully equipped kitchen and comfortable lounge room.