Adult Skis and Snowboards

Omeo Ski Hire rent top quality snow skis, snowboards and boots to suit adults of all skill levels. When you arrive, our experienced staff will make sure that all the gear you selected fits perfectly.

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The following discounts apply to all these products.
20% OFF order totals exceeding $250.00
Special Family Rental Deals for Snow Skis and Snowboards
Omeo Ski Hire offer families special discount rental deals on snow skis and snowboards for 3, 5 and 7 day periods. Book now and save plenty on your Mount Hotham or Dinner Plain ski trip !
Adult Snow Skis, Poles, Boots and Helmet Hire
This adult ski hire package includes Skis, Poles, Boots and Helmet. Upon arrival, you will need to try on the ski boots and our staff will ensure they are the correct size.
Adult Snowboard, Boots and Helmet Hire
This hire package for adults includes a Snowboard together with Boots and Helmet. Select either a Natural or Goofy style board.
Ski Goggles Hire
Ski Goggles are essential to improve vision while skiing. They provide protection from both freezing wind and ultra violet light. Hire goggles in Omeo for men, women and kids.
Wrist Guards Hire for Snow Skiers and Snowboarders
We all take a tumble in the snow fields occassionally. Wrist guards provide extra support that will certainly help prevent you from breaking or spraining your wrists.
Protective Safety Helmet Hire for Snow Skiers and Snowboarders
A protective helmet is an essential piece of safety gear for snow skiers and snowboarders. Provided free with all snow gear rentals from Omeo Ski Hire, you can also rent a helmet alone, if that is ...