Konig Snow Chains Hire

06th June 2020

Omeo Ski Hire offer Konig diamond magic self tensioning snow chains for hire since they are so easy to fit and remove.

It is a great idea to book and reserve your set of chains in advance so that we can have them set aside, ready and waiting. And when you do arrive here in Omeo, our experienced staff will give you a personal demonstration on how to properly fit and remove the chains.

Tyre measurements we need

Before ordering, please do go and check the numbers embossed on the side of your tyre.

For example: "215 /65/r 15"

  1. The first number is a width measurement (215)
  2. The second number is the tyre shoulder, expressed as a percentage of the width (65)
  3. The third number is the tyre rim diameter in inches (15)

Enter those tyre measurement numbers below.

How many chains do you need?

The initial price shown is for one pair of snow chains to fit 2 wheels.

On 4 wheel drives, you need at least 2 snow chains fitted to the front wheels. You will also need to engage 4 wheel drive mode.

2 wheel drive vehicles must have two chains fitted to the driving wheels as a minimum requirement. i.e. 2 chains on the rear wheels or, if a front wheel drive, 2 chains on the front steering wheels.

Helpful hints to avoid damage to snow chains

  • Do not travel faster than 40 kilometres per hour with snow chains fitted.
  • Do not drive with snow chains fitted for extended distances on bare ashphalt surfaces.
  • Drive cautiously applying very gradual pressure on the accelerator to avoid spinning the wheels.

Please note that our discount offers do not apply to snow chains.

If you require snow chains for more than one vehicle, then you will need to repeat the “Add to Cart” ordering process for each particular set of chains.

 e.g. 215 /65/r 15
Hire Period
1 Day
2 Days (+$16.00)
3 Days (+$23.00)
4 Days (+$27.00)
5 Days (+$31.00)
6 Days (+$35.00)
7 Days (+$39.00)
8 Days (+$43.00)
9 Days (+$47.00)
10 Days (+$51.00)
Drop-Off Point
Omeo Ski Hire
Happy Valley Hub, Ovens (near Myrtleford)
Pairs :

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