Snow Chains, Tyre Sizes and How to Fit

06th June 2020
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It is compulsory for all vehicles travelling into snow conditions to carry a set of snow chains. When heading for Mt Hotham via the Great Alpine Way from Bairnsdale to Omeo, call in to Omeo Ski Hire and get your set of Konig diamond easy fit chains.

It is a great idea to book and reserve your set of chains in advance so that we can have them ready and waiting for you upon arrival.

Tyre measurements we need

To make your stopover shorter, write down the numbers embossed on the side of your tyre and bring that note in with you.

For example: "215 /65/r 15".
  1. The first number is a width measurement (215)
  2. The second number is the tyre shoulder, expressed as a percentage of the width (65)
  3. The third number is the tyre rim diameter in inches (15)

If you are booking your chain hire in advance, then these are the numbers we will need.

Konig Magic Easy Fit Chains

You can hire or buy your Konig diamond chains. We mainly deal with Konig diamond magic easy fit chains as we find they are one of the best and do not break, unless fitted incorrectly or you spin the wheels. All the hire chains that we use on two wheel drive vehicles are the magic self tensioning chains, which are so much easier to fit and remove.

Only diamond chains are allowed on Mt Hotham and the experienced staff at the Omeo Ski Hire and Service Station will make sure you get the correct size of chains to suit for your vehicle's tyre size. Our staff will also personally demonstrate how to fit your chains properly so that you to get to your destination safely. If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to ask.

How to fit Konig Snow Chains

Omeo Ski Hire and Service Station is the second Servo on your right as you are coming through Omeo, directly across the road from the 2 story Golden Age Motel. There is plenty of parking room for your chain fitting demonstration.

Why Hire Chains and Ski Gear in Omeo?

The great thing about hiring Snow Chains from Omeo Ski Hire, rather than Dinner Plain or Mount Hotham, is that you will not have to wait in long lines, you will receive a welcoming smile along with personalised professional service. And you will also get a discount on ski and snowboard hire !

Hire Konig Snow Chains Here ⇒

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When should I put chains on and take them off?

There will be signs to indicate when chains must be fitted. The signs will say "fit chains to two wheel drives" or "fit chains to all vehicles". Conditions can change very quickly, so sometimes you do need to use your own initiative, particularly if there is alot of fresh snow.

Removing chains is usually left up to your own initiative. So when you run out of ice and snow, then do stop and take the chains off. Remember that chains and asphalt don’t mix! Those conditions will seriously affect the cornering ability of your vehicle. The snow chains are then easily damaged.

  • Do 4 Wheel Drive vehicles need to have chains fitted?

Yes. All vehicles are required to fit chains at the designated park entry point.

  • It’s a sunny day! Why do I need chains?

In the high country, conditions can change drastically in minutes! Being up there on the mountain without chains can cause many problems for yourself and others when conditions suddenly change. For everybody's safety, there are no exceptions to snow chain fitting requirements.

  • How many chains do you need?

On 4 wheel drives, you need at least 2 snow chains fitted to the front wheels. You will also need to engage 4 wheel drive mode.

2 wheel drive vehicles must have two chains fitted to the driving wheels as a minimum requirement. i.e. 2 chains on the rear wheels or, if a front wheel drive, 2 chains on the front steering wheels.

If travelling with a trailer, you will need chains for both the car and the trailer. If conditions are severe, trailers may not be allowed to make the journey at all.

  • What if I have low profile tyres?

Low profile tyres are fine, if the height of the sidewall is 35 or more. If your tyre profile size is 30 or less, then we do not recommend chains at all.

  • What speed should I travel at through snow?

We recommend 40 kilometres per hour.

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