Adult Snow Skis, Poles, Boots and Helmet Hire

06th June 2020

This adult ski hire package includes Skis, Poles, Boots and Helmet. Select from the options listed so we can reserve the appropriate gear for you in advance, ready to go upon your arrival.

Upon arrival, you will need to try on the ski boots. Our staff will then ensure the boots are the correct size and a comfortable fit for you.

3 classes of snow skis to choose from

  1. Standard : The normal rental grade snow skis.
  2. PREMIUM : Our very best, top notch snow skis.
  3. DEMO : These are brand new skis you can rent and try out.

If hiring gear for a family or group, then you do need to order each pair of skis separately, entering the skier name and selecting appropriate options each time.

 Christian name sufficient
Age Group
15 to 17 years
18 years +
 For correct Boot Binding adjustment
 Try the boots on upon arrival in Omeo
Hire Period Select a Hire Period
Half Day Standard ($-24.00)
1 Day Standard
1 Day PREMIUM (+$20.00)
1 Day DEMO (+$20.00)
2 Days Standard (+$51.00)
2 Days PREMIUM (+$92.00)
2 Days DEMO (+$109.00)
3 days Standard (+$94.00)
3 Days PREMIUM (+$133.00)
3 Days DEMO (+$199.00)
4 Days Standard (+$112.00)
4 Days PREMIUM (+$167.00)
4 Days DEMO (+$290.00)
5 Days Standard (+$117.00)
5 Days PREMIUM (+$177.00)
5 Days DEMO (+$344.00)
6 Days Standard (+$127.00)
6 Days PREMIUM (+$193.00)
6 Days DEMO (+$399.00)
7 Days Standard (+$137.00)
7 Days PREMIUM (+$207.00)
7 Days DEMO (+$417.00)

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